About Pancake Events

Pancake Events is a fun and relaxed spot where sweet and savory crêpes (pancakes) are all freshly made to order in front of you. It is a unique choice of bar for entertaining friends, family and work mates alike.


The founder, Mr.Sevinti, has created a quality brand: ‘’Pancake Events’’ He has been trained by the masters how to make authentic crêpes in Brittany and Paris.
So he has high standards when it comes to cook sweet and savoury pancakes!
Being craftsman requires actions performed each day for the respect of this tradition.
Pancake Events evokes the magic of creation and the essential role of a craftsman.

In an instant, ‘’Pancake Events’’ was born! All he needed to do was to apply three basic principles: using quality ingredients, charging a fair price, and making sure the products tasted great.

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