What’s so special about Pancake Events?

“Our goal is to ensure your event is a truly impressive one for you and your guests. Let us take the opportunity to serve the best crepes at your event and be a guest at your own party”

We offer Live Catering for any event-

We strive hard to live up to the trust and confidence of our clients and make sure to host their functions in the most memorable way. Pancake event’s offer live catering services and turn your dream day into a reality leaving you worry-free.

We all love pancakes, they are healthy, fluffy and simply delightful in every bite. Delicious, unique catering always leaves the impressions whether you’re hosting a breakfast meeting, birthday celebration, wedding reception, private parties or any corporate event. We provide the best catering experience to make your big day magical for you and your guests.

We are based in Central London and whatever your need is, we can caterer anywhere within a 90 min drive.


Reasons behind our success?

Value for Money

One of our best things provides a variety of pancake menu; Italian, French, Spanish at affordable prices. Our crepes are flat, thin, delicious and toppings make the pancakes really tasty.

High in Quality

We love sharing great food and believe to serve the best quality food to our patrons.

Local Ingredients

Our crêpes and galettes create a different experience that ensures we make each event spectacular. We are known for uniqueness and purity to make a balance between our customers and their taste.


We love baking crepes and galettes– especially when we can make our treats more health-promoting by using buckwheat flour. Buckwheat contains eight essential amino acids and is rich in vitamin B as well as phosphorus, magnesium, iron, zinc and has even been found to lower blood pressure and reduce cholesterol.


We promise to offer something that is not available elsewhere. A great crepe bar will have one or several unique flavours that will stand out in a patron’s mind. Being different is a good thing and it is a quality to look out for when choosing a caterer for any event.

Fresh and Healthy

Our crêpes are freshly baked as per traditional Brittany techniques and recipes. Both are luscious and savoury batters are handmade which are perfect for every moment of the day.

Great Ambience

All you need is a healthy environment for any occasion, whether it is a birthday party, wedding reception, corporate event or small get-togethers. We ensure that our staff help every guest to enhance the experience through courteousness and a friendly attitude.

Simply the Best

We have a scalable team, highly trained chefs and reliable staff who take care of our clients and provide the best catering services in the UK. We’re a registered firm, which abides food-safety guidelines. We focus on choosing the best producers and brands for our ingredients.

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