“It’s not just the quality of the pancakes that your guests will notice, it’s the attractive ambience set by our dedicated staff for your dream day”

Wedding Catering Services- Let us make your Wedding Day Magical

We know how important it is to ensure everything is just impeccable for your wedding day. The importance of choosing the right catering company for your wedding cannot be underestimated.

We offer our best catering service in London including wedding decorations, reception decoration, event space, and many other wedding services.

Wedding Planning

We put extra efforts to provide the best catering experience to make your big day special for you and your guests.

Perfect Planning Leads to A Perfect Day

Planning your wedding day with Pancake Events will be a pleasant journey from beginning to end, we will continue to inspire you and prepare freshly baked pancakes with a variety of flavours.

Our wedding menu can be designed to address the bespoke needs of every couple whether it is a wedding breakfast, indoor or outdoor catering services or a church wedding.

Pancake Events catering service offers fresh handmade creative crepes (vegetarian, gluten-free) with different types of toppings perfect for entertaining you and your guests on the occasion of your wedding. An excellent way to impress your guests is by providing different types of pancake menu with seasonal ingredients that suit their taste.

Make your dream day come true with us:

* A very sociable way of serving crepes to every guest

* Live catering offers homemade crêpes and galettes

* Our toppings are filled with quality ingredients and different flavours

* Our staff is active, authentic and courteous

* Provide a healthy atmosphere

* Serving high-quality food at affordable pricing

* Extra additional services can be managed

Kindly inform us in advance!
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Special Crêpe Bar - Wedding Reception Catering


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