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Some occasions call for your energy to be fully focused upon hosting your family members and friends. We can cater for any size of private party, from an intimate gathering to large get-togethers.

“Allow us to take care of perfect crepe bar and make the most of this quality time with your loved ones”

Private Catering Services- Give an Aesthetic touch to your Party

So why choose us for your party?

We all have different choices but when it comes to our private catering services, we present something that stands out and remains in the memories of your guests. We know exactly what to do to make our private events unique, luxurious or entertaining.

Allow us to plan your day, whether it is a birthday party, anniversary or intimate dinner party that you have been preparing for months. We will craft a perfect menu to create a great experience as per your requirements including a variety of crepes whether sweet and savoury, gluten-free or vegetarian.

Our party catering service is happy to bring unique ideas to your place at affordable prices. We have a wonderful staff who believe in giving genuine, friendly, good quality service. We are delighted to serve you delicious food and be the reason behind the smile of your guests and their full appetite.

Our menus focus on taste and presentation incorporating a variety of flavours. We provide crêpes with extended toppings menu which allows each guest to create their own choice of crêpe (Italian, French or Spanish)

The pleasure of finding the difference

* Delicious homemade crêpes and galettes.

* Every bite of live catering in remembered.

*Treat yourself with sweet & savoury crêpes with a variety of toppings

* Our crêpe chefs bring out creativity to every pancake

* We design custom menus, crêpe station (machines, tables, table cloths, light and gazebo) for our guests

* Extra additional services can be managed

Kindly inform us in advance!
Please enquire or see our FAQs page for more information

Sample Crêpe Brunch

Unlimited Sweet & Savoury crêpes are made in front of your guest – one by one  in front of your guests


For – Up to 50 / 100 / 150 people

2 hours / 3 hours / 2 chefs / 3 chefs – UNLIMITED PANCAKES


  • number of people
  • event date, venue location with post code
  • start time and expected finish time
  • your phone number – name/s of contact person/people


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