French Cider and Apple Juice

Crêpes and Galettes are traditionally served with local cider (french cider or apple juice), sharper, version of British cider, poured in a clay cup called ‘Bolée which was introduced in Brittany and western France.

Traditional way of serving drinks with delicious crepes (Sweet and Savoury)

Brittany cider is made using an ancient process and is the ultimate local drink. Rich in anti-oxidants, vitamins, trace elements and mineral salts, it has a slightly sharp but fruity taste and a distinctive colour, which can range from pale gold to deep amber.

You can enjoy the drinks served with style, the traditional drink with your galettes or crêpes is Breton apple cider, a slightly fizzy drink with low alcohol content. It is traditionally served in a crockery bolée, or cups.

Experience the great drinks

Cider: Chilled, traditional Brittany cider: £12/L
Apple Juice : Chilled, traditional Brittany Apple Juice: £7/L

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