Commercial Pancake Crepe Workshop

” Welcome to Pancake Events Co., where we share the secrets of pancake perfection through our exclusive Commercial Workshop & Training program in London. If you are an entrepreneur dreaming of starting a pancake business or envisioning the delightful charm of pancakes on your restaurant menu, our comprehensive commercial training, available in-person is designed to ignite your passion for pancake artistry. “

Tailored commercial pancake workshops for visionary entrepreneurs!



 Tailored for visionary entrepreneurs, our two days commercial pancake making program runs for 3 hours each day, 6 hours in total covers everything from introducing pancakes with commercial pancake machines with a pancake-centric theme. Let Pancake Events Co. be your partner in turning your dream of serving mouth-watering pancakes into a delicious reality.

DAY 1: The ABCS of Pancake Mastery

  • Welcome Aboard: Dive into the world of pancake crafting with an introduction to the day’s agenda.
  • Business Fundamentals: Navigate the intricacies of setting up your pancake business. Learn about kitchen design, effective branding, and essential setup elements.
  • Tools and Machines Exploration: Immerse yourself in a showcase of tools, accessories, and methods that define successful pancake businesses.
  • Unlocking Secrets: Discover industry secrets that can elevate your pancake business to new heights.
  • French-Inspired Batter Making: Uncover the art of creating traditional pancake mixtures according to authentic French recipes. Explore the nuances of flavour balance and texture.
  • Griddle Mastery: Gain practical experience in making pancakes on a griddle. Understand the importance of temperature control, flipping techniques, and achieving the perfect pancake texture.
  • Troubleshooting and Q&A: Address common challenges and queries. Acquire tips and tricks for overcoming hurdles in pancake preparation.


DAY 2: Pancake Craftsmanship & Business Alchemy

  • Creative Toppings Workshop: Explore the world of toppings and learn how to harmonize flavours, creating mouthwatering combinations. Understand the visual appeal of different toppings.
  • Menu Development: Engage in a hands-on session crafting menus that cater to diverse tastes. Gain insights into strategic menu planning for a successful pancake business.
  • Crepe Choreography: Master the art of crepe making, from the finesse of the perfect flip to the choreography of artful garnishing that elevates visual allure.
  • Business Symphony: Explore pivotal aspects such as portion control, equipment maintenance, recipe ideation, cost calculations, and more.
  • Cleaning & Maintenance Workshop: Receive practical tips on maintaining equipment for longevity. Understand the importance of cleanliness in a commercial kitchen.
  • Final Session: Recap key learnings and discuss the next steps in your pancake journey.
  • Bonus: You will be provided with the best pancake mixture recipes and some of the finest pancake receipts to enhance your pancake crafting skills!



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While our standard course window spans from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm, we pride ourselves on flexibility. Your time is precious, and our commitment is to adapt, ensuring a seamless learning experience tailored to your business journey.


Pricing: £2950 (inc. VAT) per person

Payment Options: Bank transfer, card payments, PayPal, cash, and other e-payment methods in the UK.


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