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Our approach is always friendly and extraordinary to make school party successful. We arrange an exclusive collection of school/college parties for any event.

“Pancake Events offers high-quality school party catering services, offering a wide array of services for all different kinds of events”

School Catering Services- Served with Style

We believe that catering is the most important part of any event. Our catering services offer events for schools and colleges and university balls. We understand that every event is different – that’s what makes them special. Our school parties catering services are customized and fully equipped to make your day special.

We will design a personalized catering menu to accommodate your unique tastes and budget. If you are seeking a catering company to produce a memorable and impeccable pancake menu for any school event, Pancake Events is there for you. Allow us to serve you best pancake at your party and make it unforgettable.

Our approach centres upon our philosophy of uniqueness. We always keep you in mind and work towards your specific needs and requirements.

Our Special School parties catering offer:

* A diligent and stringent approach to managing budgets, health and safety

* Mouth-watering pancakes made in front of your eyes with the finest quality ingredients

* We meet specific nutritional needs with flair and ingenuity.

*Our crêpe chefs bring out creativity to every pancake

* Best quality crepes with different types of toppings

* Freshly baked pancakes and rich in quality

* Extra additional services can be managed


Please enquire or see our FAQs page for more information

School Festivals Party Food

Unlimited Sweet & Savoury crêpes are baked on order in front of your guests.

For 400 guests, 3 hours, 3 chefs

(transport additional)

only £1990

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